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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Oprah Winfreys School Rocked by Another Sex Scandal

Oprah girls rocked by 2nd sex abuse scandal in less than two years!

According to the Afrikaans , seven students from the South Africa school were suspended for sexually harassing one of their class mates! A 15 year old was accused by school officials of preying on another girl and then forcing others to lie about it to the school staff.

Other girls were caught engaging in rampant acts of overt lesbianism and coercing other girls to join them.

Oprah’s PR flack, Lisa Halliday, confirmed the girls were suspended from the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy School for Girls.

I wonder what Oprah is gonna do in this case- Give them another cell phone.

Source: Boston Hearld


Jamaica My Way said...

Okay but the thing is, this stuff goes on ALL over the place!!! The only reason anyone cares about this one is because its Oprah!

iriegal said...

That is so true...