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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Poor and Boasy Crowned

The popular upcoming deejay was crowned the male winner of the Magnum King and Queen of Dancehall at the event's final show last Saturday night

The street youth that dared to dream and capture the hearts of a nation in the Jamaican based dancehall meets American Idol realty show. Known for sleeping in the Cemetery at the back of the Kingston parish church in halfway tree. Poor and Boasy, went from street youth to magnum Kings and Queens second season winner and was made a millionaire overnight! He was quoted as saying....

"Yuh can't forget whe u a come from but the life wha mi use to live inna de streets, mi nuh waan live it again, but yuh will definitely see mi in the streets wid mi frens" Poor and Boasy says. "Even back inna de cemetery, going back to lay down pon mi tomb to pray and tell God thanks because a there so mi use to pray and ask Him fi sen better."

Big up to deh street yute..cause he deserves it..

Since the long-awaited twist in his life last week, Johnson says that he has been getting countless calls of interest from several big name players in the music fraternity, an industry he hopes to dominate in coming years.

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