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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Urine Bottle Fight

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Lawd, and this made "headlines" in the Jamaica Star. Just shaking my head. I am glad this was not my "granny" or "mummy" acting stupid like this. It seems the older lady (63 years old) threatened to throw urine on the younger lady (24) because she slapped her grandson.

According to Corporal Desmond Powell of the Area 3 police that exact confrontation occurred on Sunday evening.

The corporal told THE STAR that based on what eyewitnesses report, both women upon seeing each other were quick to draw their weapons.(in this cases was a bottle of urine each).

After a brief exchange of words, including a string of expletives, the wetting began.

They also got into a tussle which left them both topless, the police said.

"When the police arrived on the scene, the women were still quarrelling and topless," Corporal Powell said.

Lawd, the people in Clarendon, don't have nothing better to do?

Source: Jamaica Star


Blu Jewel said...

OMG! Only in JA!

iriegal said...

Girl Yuh no sey we special