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Monday, August 03, 2009

Jamaican Athletes to Miss World Competition

I know that many of us, were saddened to hear about the 5 athletes who tested positively for methylxanthine at the national championships in June. Their names have not been made public.'

It is interesting because someone rumored that Usain Bolt was among the suspected athletes. I wonder if whoever started the rumor did not see the fact that it was stated, "none of whom won medals," had been added in the news coverage. I tell you any little bit of glory folks run to take it away.

Reuters News reported, "Based on what is going on, they will not be able to go to Berlin," Dr. Warren Blake, second vice president of the Jamaica Amateur Athletic Association (JAAA), told Reuters in an interview."

I think it is important they get a fair hearing and able to testify on their own behalf. I know that Jamaica has many herbs (no not ganja) that can imitate the affects of many drugs.

That is why Usain just better stick to eating his yam


But the Italian newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport has identified the five as Yohan Blake, Marvin Anderson, Sherry-Ann Brooks, Allodin Fothergill and Lansford Spence. Reports also indicate that the five athletes returned a positive result for Methylxanthine, a type of bronchodilator commonly used in the treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Bronchodilators work by relaxing the airways, making it easier to breathe

Source: Reuters (first news source)

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