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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Woman Caught Having Sex Evicted from the Town

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I know this is not funny, but only in Jamaica Massa. It appears two women from Saint Catherine were caught engaging in Oral sex. (If you know anything about Jamaica and their tolerance level for homosexuals, it is wonder they are still alive).

The mother of the 19 year old came back from the store to find her daughter lodged between te

I love the comments (as reported by the Star) that the other residents made.

'If them want to eat themselves to death this is not the place, yu si mi boss,'' Mark said.
legs of an older woman. She screamed, folks came running (now why she would still have her door open I don't know), and two girls bolted and have not been seen in the town since.

Another resident said; "You can imagine in the boiling sun ... dem need God.''

Only in Jamaican Mon.

Source Jamaica Star

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