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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Double Muder in Jamaica Saddens a Community

Scores of curious onlookers gather near a house in the community of Long Wall in Stony Hill, St Andrew, yesterday where 43-year-old George 'Lloyd' Smielie and his son Winston, 17, were shot and killed by gunmen who firebombed their house yesterday morning. (Photo: Michael Gordon) 

I was born near this area in Saint Andrew. On Tuesday gunmen yesterday morning torched a house in the community of Long Wall in Stony Hill, St Andrew then shot dead a father and his son as they tried to escape the inferno.

George Smielie, 43, and his son Winston, 17, were gunned down in a possible reprisal for the stabbing death of a youth in the community two months ago.

What makes this story so sad, is that a resident who witnessed the incident made this comment,""The man them, about five of them, surround the house and set it ablaze and then opened fire on the family members who tried to escape," said the spokesman, who described the attack as the worst to have taken place in the quiet community in recent times.

The boldness of these gunmen is a sad reflection of the fact that police patrol in certain areas of Jamaica is non-existent. I realize the fact that many of the law enforcement in Jamaica feel that they have to protect the tourist parts of the island, but what about the regular areas in the community?

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