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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dark Tints on Buses Causing Lewd Behavior by Students

Well one area in Jamaica is having their buses get a face-lift. In  Portmore, bus operators are now required to remove the dark tints from the buses,as well as, the loud audio systems. the police yesterday vowed to keep up the pressure on the operators to conform to legal public transport practices or face prosecution.

Head of the Traffic Police, Superintendent Radcliffe Lewis, said the drive had just begun and would not end anytime soon.

"This is a drive to clean up the messy transport system," Lewis told the Observer. "What we have seen on the road is that the drivers and conductors are using them as mobile motels. They are showing videos and allowing young boys and conductors to have sex with minors under the guise of a lap dance."

It seems the students are using this "dark tinted," buses as a make-out session.

For more on this story  click here --------> Jamaica Observer

1 comment:

Jamaica My Way said...

I had read about this some time ago (a couple years back). It made me cringe back then and still does. Nice to see them taking some don't need encouragement in the sex department. More like they need education and guidance.