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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

OneLove Blogger Award

This award is meant to encourage and uplift others who seek to promote their true love of Jamaica in the blogging world. People who use their blog to share what Jamaica is all about.

Please select 1 blog that you feel is an exceptional example of this award, next select 4 blogs 

then Pay it Forward to by sending this award to them. They have to pay it forward selecting one exceptional blog choice an 4 additional people of their choice. Link back so we can see who has gotten this award. I will keep the updates so everyone can see all the wonderful Jamaican blogs out there. Please paste the rules along with the award so people who would are sending it to will know the requirements

Running around the CyberWorld I come upon some wonderful sites promoting Jamaica. I decided to create this award because we have so many wonderful bloggers out ther who promote such wonderful things about Jamaica, whether through personal experience, giving information,business opportunities.

My choice for exceptional Jamaican blog is Kristi, from Jamaica My Way." Kristi has been a big supporter of all the wonderful things that Jamaica is about. She has even helped raised funds for a person in Jamaica to pay for his medical needs. She is truly a person who demonstrates what a giving heart is about.

I am also forwarding this award the following 4 sites


Jamaipanese said...

Thank you for the mention! I'll be sure to take a look at the other sites you mentioned, a few of witch I am familiar with.

iriegal said...

Thank you for visiting Jamiapanese. Please post your award and let us know of any additional sites that we are deserving of this award. Onelove..irie

Jamaica My Way said...

Thank you so much Irie....for following my blog and for choosing me for this award!! That makes me happy...heehee.

In turn I've linked this award posting on our chat forum. At the very least maybe you can grab a few more readers.


Jamaica My Way said...

PS: I know already who I'm gonna forward my award to....this is such a great idea!

iriegal said...

You are welcome Kristi.You deserve it and more. When I read how much you did to help the gentleman in Jamaica, it brought tears to my eyes.

Sadly, folks are not trusting of people. He listened to wrong information and now sadly he is going to lose a lot of that help.

Will check the chat for the updates..onelove

kanishk said...

Thank you so much

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Anonymous said...

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