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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Do You Think Buju Banton Will Run?

Do you think Buju Banton will run. Buju was unable to post bail so Stephen Marley (Bob's son), posted the bail. Actually he used his own home as bond, worth over $300,000 dollars. Bets are that Buju will still try to run before the hearing. I hope he doesn't. What do you think?

...before he was released, Banton agreed to wear an electronic monitoring device, sign an extradition waver and hire a private security team -- at his own expense -- to ensure that he doesn't try to run away or seek asylum in Jamaica.



K. Omodele said...

Of course not. How could he. There is no way Buju could be anywhere icognito, everyone would recognise him. Not impossible, but highly improbable. And Buju money nuh long enough fi pull a Prezi or nuttn suh. He cant just go pon di run and not work (his music). wha him a guh do, chop cane in Costa Rica?? Or can he? hmmmmmm...

terry said...

no i dont think he would.. the evidence against him is so weak and small zebra rug

Alex said...

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Jaro said...

Buju's corner looks dark. He will file an appeal but I don't know if he'll succeed.

Lindsworth Deer said...

Buju Banton's case is endemic of the entire Reggae and Dancehall industry.

Either they clean up their lyrics and respect the law of other countries they perform in, or more action of this nature will occur.

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Jimmy said...

Probably. Awesome article there!

call Jamaica

zulu said...

Real interesting to read another blog about Jamaica and stuff. I'd appreciate it if you checked my blog and read some of my personal exploits in Jamaica!

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