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Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Irie's Featured School- Wolmers

I decided to do a feature weekly about some of Jamaica's Schools. Wolmers has a history rich in education. Wolmer's currently has 3 schools which carry its name. The first school mentioned is Wolmer's Prep.  The first headmistress for this school  was Mrs. Evelyn Skempton. Currently June Spence who has been serving in her position since 1992. Always promoting excellence this school is very proud of its rich traditions.

You can find out more about Wolmer's Prep at

Wolmer's Girl School- I have grown up with several friends who attended Wolmer's Girl School. I use to love to visit their sporting events. Wolmers can trace its history as far back as 1729. This would make it the oldest school in the West Indies. The earliest enrollment on record in recorded 64 boys and 15 girls on roll. The staff consisted of a Chief Master, a writing master and accountant, a teacher of mathematics and a teacher of the French and Spanish languages.

Wolmer’s school was originally situated in downtown Kingston at what is still known as the Wolmer’s yard, now a parking lot and vendors’ arcade beside the Kingston Parish Church. In 1896, the schools were separated and independent heads appointed for the Boys’ and Girls’ schools. After 1907 earthquake, when most of the school buildings were destroyed, the schools was moved to its present site north of Race Course or what is now the National Heroes Park.

For more of the wonderful history of this school you can visit their site at

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