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Monday, August 27, 2007

Party Yardee Style

Growing up in Jamaica one cannot forget the wonderful sights and sounds of "DA SESSION." Party starts in the day sometime and all the next day it is still going on. Anyone that has every visited Jamaica (from a tourist aspect) will know that Jamaicans are big on having fun.

The poorest person can show you a good time. Influenced heavily by its African roots, Jamaicans can do the "WHINE" (roll the waist) like no one else can. The intricate way they twist their bodies to the rhythm of the pulsating beat is a wonder to see.

Music has always been a staple of the Jamaican culture. It is often said that when people have nothing, that God has given them natural movements of life to keep them going.

You are not a true Jamaican if you can't whine.

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