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Friday, July 11, 2008

Wrongful Death Suit Filed For Jamaican Dead Abroad

On June 19, Esmin Green, a 49-year-old Jamaican woman held in a waiting area in a New York psychiatric ward, collapsed to the floor, lay there for an hour under the eyes of many, and died. A surveillance camera recorded everything. The exact moment of Esmin's death is observable in the twitching of her legs. The video is now on the Internet. Anyone can watch Esmin Green die, but it took a special person to help her. No one did.

Much has been written about Esmin Green's death. How such a thing could happen is the subject of many editorials and talk shows. Whether anything will change as a result of all the talk is anyone's guess. But what is most remarkable about Esmin's story, I think, is not how she was ignored while she died in plain view of other patients and even hospital staff. What is remarkable and searing in its irony is that Esmin Green, judged mentally unstable and delivered to a psychiatric ward, was a lady with her feet more firmly on the hard ground of reality than most of ours

Tecia Harrison, her eldest daughter has filed a wrongful death notice for$25 million dollars.

Source: Jamaica Gleaner


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